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Business Reimagined with Danny Iny takes you behind the scenes each week with thought and industry leaders to see how they are reimagining business in their realm. From marketers to authors, bloggers to software startups and beyond, Danny digs into the deeper ways of thinking that shape the future of how business is done.
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Jun 28, 2016

Giftology: it’s a thing. Believe it or not, there is a science behind great gifting. Not only will giftology ensure the recipient has their metaphorical socks knocked off, but also that they will think warm, fuzzy thoughts about you for years to come.

Do you know what an ‘artifact’ gift is?

If not, and you want to learn the science of gifting, then you don’t want to miss today’s episode of Business Reimagined with John Ruhlin, author of Giftology. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should give a gift that’s NOT for the recepient
  • Perfect timing for maximum gifting impact
  • Whether or not gifts replace face-to-face meetings
  • A counter-intuitive approach to logo marketing

John is a brilliant gift-giver who can make every thoughtful dollar you spend worth a hundred of your competition’s mindless dollars. Give smarter, not harder.

Key Points

At 2:00 – John tells the touching story of a man who made millions, but he did it by being the most generous person John ever met.

At 4:00 – Never, NEVER give gifts at certain times of the year. John reveals what holidays to avoid, and the odd times of year that gift-giving has its maximum effect. He also explains why gifts shouldn’t necessarily be given to the recipient.

At 7:00 – John talks about why expensive gifts aren’t always best. He describes some other types of gifts that have more impact.

At 13:00 – Danny and John discuss what type of ROI you can expect on the gifts you give, both to clients and prospective customers.

At 17:00 – John explains why it’s NOT the thought that counts, and getting help with gift-giving doesn’t make that gift thoughtless.

Jun 21, 2016

This is a touchy subject. As thought leaders and entrepreneurs, your ideas are precious. They are what make you unique, and give you the edge over your competition. The last thing you want is for your team members to leave and take your ideas to your competition.

Or is it?

Today’s guest, David Burkus, has written a book that challenges this commonly held fear. In Under New Management, he explains how the cross pollination of ideas is what propagates real growth and change in an industry.

He also thinks that ideas are mostly meaningless. What matters is the ability to execute them. Plus:

  • Commonalities among successful entrepreneurs, based on David’s research in social sciences
  • How your employees are more motivated and willing to bring their creativity to work when there aren’t restrictive NDAs and non-competes
  • The real life, Silicon Valley example of how an industry benefits from open doors for employees and sharing of ideas

If you’re a forward-thinker who believes that collaboration is more meaningful than competition, you don’t want to miss this episode.


At 3:00 – David explains what his new book, Under New Management, is really about. He offers a unique perspective on knowing what entrepreneurs do to be successful, using social science.

At 6:00 – David discusses some of the common things he sees among entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses

At 9:00 – Danny and David discuss how NDA’s, non-disclosure agreements, are often abused. As a result, entire industries are stunted, and employees are less motivated to bring creative thought and originality to their work. 

At 13:00 – David explains how the lack of ownership of your own work can affect your company’s success, and why it’s okay for people to sidestep from one organization to another freely.

At 20:00 – Danny and David discuss Mirasee as a case study for problems with implementing the changes David recommends, and how other companies can approach it.

Jun 14, 2016

Almost everyone loves pizza. Almost no one loves policy, especially employees. If you’re planning to grow a business, it pays to know in advance how your policies will affect the way your employees work for you, because that will affect your success. Better yet, don’t bother with policies at all.

But are you ready to put your policy book in the company shredder?

Today’s guest, Nick Sarillo, is the founder and CEO of Nick’s Pizza and Pub, a restaurant that boasts a turnover rate that is 125% lower than the industry standard, and Nick credits his management style and lack of restrictive policies for earning his employees’ overwhelming support… PLUS:

  • The amazing story of Nick’s big failure, and the unexpected way he went against the ‘smart people in the room’ to turn it around
  • How policy keeps you from being an effective leader
  • Giving employees ultimate freedom while still making the right choices
  • The all-or-nothing test to make sure everyone is on board with you

This episode isn’t just for companies with large teams. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, you NEED to implement Nick’s management style with your first employee – all the way to your 50th.


At 5:00 – Nick describes the tearful moment he sent the email that would mark the end of his restaurant empire, and the amazing response he got that saved it.

At 11:00 – Nick explains how it wasn’t pity that saved his business; it was the company culture he had went to great pains to design and implement, one FREE of policy.

At 13:00 – Nick tosses the policy book out the window and explains how to handle team conflicts without becoming the company police.

At 17:00 – Danny and Nick discuss how existing companies can use his system to transition existing policy-centric cultures to those that offer employees more freedom to make good decisions.

At 22:00 – Nick discusses ‘culture,’ and how the loudest voice in the room usually defines it. He also explains how to shift it away from negativity.

Jun 7, 2016

What if you could write a book without writing it? We’re not talking about ghost writing or word mills. This book would be your voice, your expertise, and exactly what you would have written if you had the time to sit down and write it.

Think it’s too good to be true?

Today’s guest, Tucker Max, has developed a process he calls Book In A Box, and he’s had incredible success helping busy entrepreneurs and thought leaders write books. While the name Book In A Box might sound like a gimmick, his process is far from it. Tucker also talks about:

  • The 3 questions you should ask yourself before you write a book or create a product
  • The exact process for writing a book without writing it
  • Where to get your *FREE* copy of the Book In A Box method if you prefer to do-it-yourself, but want to take advantage of the process

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to start, or you want to write a book without writing it to solidify your authority in your field, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Key Points:

At 4:00 – Tucker talks about some of the greatest thinkers we still refer to today, and how they didn’t write any of it down themselves.

At 8:00 – Danny and Tucker discuss the major differences between the Book In A Box method and traditional ghostwriting.

At 13:00 – Tucker explains the critical difference between thinking and writing, and what that means for people who have enough knowledge to fill a book, but might lack the time to write it themselves.

At 19:00 – Tucker gives his three step process for positioning yourself and your business, so that you achieve the outcomes you want with your book.

At 24:00 – Danny and Tucker discuss the stigma around writing without writing, and why that skepticism is unfounded.