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Business Reimagined with Danny Iny takes you behind the scenes each week with thought and industry leaders to see how they are reimagining business in their realm. From marketers to authors, bloggers to software startups and beyond, Danny digs into the deeper ways of thinking that shape the future of how business is done.
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Apr 26, 2016

Monica Seles is a famous tennis player, and she revolutionized the world of tennis by grunting. When she won an amazing upset in the 1990 French Open, the 16-year-old created a new trend that was quickly adopted by other players.

What can we learn from this?

While Monica's guttural addition to tennis was unintentional, your own actions can set a standard and revolutionize energy, happiness, and productivity. When you make the 'game' your own by personalizing it, you win.

Today's guest, Ron Friedman, is an award-winning psychologist and contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and CNN. He has some amazing insights on how to increase your energy and productivity by building a better workplace in the office or at home. And if you're a leader, you can cause that change to ripple out into the culture of your company.

  • Get 2 super-simple workplace hacks to increase your productivity whether you're in an office or working from home.
  • Protect yourself and your free time with a few easy automated email hacks that will increase your productivity in the long run.
  • Find out what 2 things matter more than money, whether your work in an office or at home.

Find out more about Ron’s expert opinion on energy, happiness, and productivity, as well as a few simple steps you can take to improve them, on today’s Business Reimagined.

Key Points:

At 3:00 – Ron talks about why he wrote his book, ‘The Best Place to Work,’ and the main ways you can make your workplace the ‘best place to work.’

At 8:00 – There are always trade-offs when trying to improve your productivity, and Ron explains how to prioritize your plan of attack.

At 12:00 – Ron explains that culture can’t be mandated in the workplace, but setting examples can affect culture, especially when you’re a leader. He also explains how companies like BMW prevent employees from being overworked at home and on vacation.

At 19:00 – Monica Seles accidentally changed how tennis players play tennis, and Ron explains how you can use that same tactic to change how your company and co-workers act.

At 24:00 – Ron closes out the interview with some practical ways to improve your own energy, happiness, and productivity whether you work for a company, or at home.

Apr 19, 2016

It’s hard to believe that success in building an offer can drag you down. Really – if you’re raking in thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even a cool million, is that the kind of success your heart desires? Or do you want to create something that will be a legacy for everyone?

Today’s guest, Pat Flynn, is no stranger to building ultra-successful products. He’s been doing the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast for years and is a best-selling author. His latest book, Will It Fly, is about a wonderful process of validating your offer, but with a unique twist.

Find out what that twist is and more on today’s Business Reimagined with Danny Iny.


At 5:00 – Pat talks about his biggest mistake, what he would have done differently after being laid off from his architecture job, and it’s something that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to hear.

At 6:30 – Pat shares his own doubts and fears that beginning entrepreneurs often face, like impostor syndrome and competition, and how he conquered them.

At 10:00 – His new book, Will It Fly, is written for anyone wanting to create a product – even a physical product, and Pat shares one of the most important concepts that you won’t find in most courses.

At 12:30 – Pat shares his thoughts on transparency and a simple exercise you can do with one sheet of paper and a pen that will help you focus your whole life.

At  22:00 – As for the future, Pat has an even grander vision in addition to the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast, and it involves educating children.

Apr 12, 2016

You’ve heard it before: to be an artist is to suffer. Whether you’re acting, writing, painting, or any other creative endeavor, it’s easy to want to pretend the business side of things doesn’t exist. Money is dirty, and technology is too hard, right?

You don’t have to be a starving artist. You don’t have to feel bad about leveraging technology and charging money for your hard work.

Today’s guest, David H. Lawrence XVII, is an actor from the hit show Heroes, a prolific voice actor and coach, and a technology junkie. When he’s not being artistically awesome, he’s busy spreading his message to all creatives. To be an artist isn’t enough these days.

You need the Art, the Commerce, and the Science.

Learn all about what David’s 3-pronged approach to acting and creative work, which relies strongly on sound entrepreneurial practices, on today’s episode of Business Reimagined with Danny Iny.


At 2:00 – David explains his theory of observable realities and the definition of success that he gives to every client. He then explains exactly what he means by Art, Commerce, and Science.

At 9:00 – David explains how the approach of Art, Commerce, and Science applies to fields beyond actors and creative – especially entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. He talks about what you have to do to succeed. 

At 12:00 – There’s a lot of controversy around ‘selling out’ when it comes to creatives making money with their art, especially around bestselling author James Patterson and his method for pushing out a ton of books every year.

At 16:00 – The 80/20 rule is used by a lot of people to forgo learning Commerce and Science, so David gives his take on how to 80/20 correctly when those aren’t your strengths.

At 20:00 – David dispels the myth that if you have really great art (or an amazing product), you’ll be discovered. He shares what you REALLY need to do to succeed.

Apr 5, 2016

You know that feeling of dissatisfaction that haunts you, no matter how often you tell yourself you should be happy? When you look at your career trajectory or business, you just know you weren’t ‘born for this.’ It’s not what you were meant to do in life.

Is there something wrong with you? Are you ungrateful and restless?

According to today’s guest, Chris Guillebeau, not at all. In fact, feeling dissatisfaction is a GOOD thing. It will help you make changes in your life, the kind of changes bring you closer to what you were BORN to do.

Chris offers three words to live by: Joy, Money, and Flow. In today’s episode, he explains what each of them means, how they can guide you through everyday AND life-changing decisions, and how to know when you’ve discovered what you were born to do. 

If you feeling the crushing weight of dissatisfaction and don’t know why, then you really need to check out today’s Business Reimagined.


At 2:00 – Chris explains that it’s okay to give up on something, as long as you consider two simple questions.

At 10:00 – Chris touches on his ‘Joy, Money, Flow’ model, and how you can apply it to decisions, changes, and situations in your career and business.

At 14:00 – Chris explains why people miss out on what they were born to do, and problem number one is when you narrow your options before you should and stunt your potential.

At 16:00 – Some entrepreneurs have projects going that are partially successful, so they hang on to them. Chris explains why this is a hard habit to break, but necessary.

At 25:00 – Chris tells you what you can do RIGHT NOW to get started on the path to Joy, Money, and Flow, and what you were born to do.