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Business Reimagined with Danny Iny takes you behind the scenes each week with thought and industry leaders to see how they are reimagining business in their realm. From marketers to authors, bloggers to software startups and beyond, Danny digs into the deeper ways of thinking that shape the future of how business is done.
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May 31, 2016

Have you ever had that ‘perfect day’ you wish you could replicate over and over again? You were firing on all cylinders, knocking out tasks, and every single one of them brought you a step closer to your big life goals?

How would you like every day to be a perfect day?

Today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne, author of Perfect Day, can help you do just that. In fact, he says that it’s structure that leads to ultimate freedom, and he’s got a three step structure to help you. Plus:

  • How to apply control, coping, and concentrations to the three parts of the day
  • Understanding ‘magic time,’ and upping productivity exponentially
  • Learning to create structure even when you’re juggling a bunch of different things
  • How to beat the treadmill other productivity books put you on that will NEVER bring you to the outcome you want for your life.

Make every day a perfect day, and start YOURS today with this episode of Business Reimagined with Danny Iny and guest Craig Ballantyne.


Key Points:

At 3:00 – Craig explains what ‘magic time’ is, how to figure out when yours is, and how to schedule your day around it. He also explains how to break out of ‘OCD loops.’

At 11:00 – Craig explains how to deal with having no control over the structure of your day, and what to do when your magic time is interrupted.

At 13:00 – There’s an important distinction between what some people consider the perfect day and what Craig is actually talking about; is it walking on the beach on vacation? Not according to Craig.

At 15:00 – Craig explains how ‘control, cope, and concentrate’ relate to the different parts of the day: morning, daytime, and evening, and the mindset around it that will change the way you do things.

At 23:00 – We already live by a lot of rules and structure we didn’t even know we have; Craig explains how to hack that mentality to make it work FOR you instead of against you.

May 17, 2016

What's the difference between persuasion and manipulation? Is persuasion just a nicer way to manipulate someone?

According to Dave Lakhani, persuasion expert, they are related, but with two huge differences. Can you guess what they are?

On today's Business Reimagined, Dave takes us through his early life of being manipulated by an outlier religious cult, and the latter part of his life teaching his clients to use persuasion ethically. He discusses intent and outcome of persuasion. Plus:

  • How anyone can develop charisma and persuade others
  • The key differences between persuasion and manipulation
  • Social testing and some tactical approaches to persuade your audience
  • The simplest way to get someone to like you

Everyone can use ethical persuasion to get ahead in marketing, sales, or business in general. And how many times in your personal life have you wanted to get someone on your side of the fence? Don't miss today's episode with Dave Lakhani on the Art of Persuasion.

Key Points:

At 6:00 – Dave explains how persuasion is both harder and more simple than hypnotizing someone, and his definition of persuasion. He picks apart exactly how you can use heuristics to make a great first impression.

At 11:00 – There is a dark side to persuasion, and it’s called manipulation. Dave explains the intent of manipulators and what happens to them as a result of their disregard for others.

At 14:00 – Dave talks about what it’s like getting ‘caught’ testing new methods of persuasion, since everyone who knows him knows he’s a persuasion expert.

At 17:00 – You can get better at persuasion and develop a personality of charisma, and Dave explains how you can do it without being slimy.

At 23:00 – Dave wraps up with his thoughts on how you can become a ‘black belt’ at persuasion techniques, get what you want out of life, and do it where you and those you are involved with end up winning.

May 10, 2016

Engagement was a hot topic a few years ago, and it remains to be to this day...

...but most people are doing it wrong.

There's one simple thing to remember when you're talking about engaging with your audience, and it hasn't changed since the beginning of the Internet.

Want to find out the secret to real engagement? 

Today, our own Danny Iny, founder and CEO of Mirasee and author of Engagement from Scratch!, talks about how engagement has changed over the years, and the very important way it's remained the same as when he wrote the book on it. 

  • Learn the difference between 'list' and 'audience'
  • Real numbers revealed on how much money you should be making per subscriber
  • Find out whether guest posting is still a valid tactic
  • Whether success in today's online world is worth the effort you need to put into it

If you've got an audience online or are considering building one, you don't want to miss this high-level discussion of engagement with Danny Iny and special guest host, Lou D'Alo, who is Mirasee's Education Team Lead.

Key Points:

At 4:00 – Danny explains very succinctly what an audience really is compared to the common term ‘list.’ That simple change in mindset will bring you much closer to those you serve.

At 8:00 – Danny discusses his first book, Engagement from Scratch!, and how it’s held up over the years. You might be surprised to hear his response.

At 14:00 – Danny talks about influencers like Seth Godin and Tim Ferris, and how content creation is changing. If you’re creating content these days, you don’t want to miss these insights.

At 16:00 – Who is audience building really for? Danny talks about who it will really help, and the business types that shouldn’t bother with it.

At 20:00 – Danny debunks the myth that audience building is a ‘cult of personality,’ and instead offers up what audience building really is..

May 3, 2016

When was the last time you sat down and had a face-to-face withone of your customers? Would you consider going to a fan’s home andhaving a chat with him to get to know him better?

To many entrepreneurs, it’s a very foreign idea, but can youimagine the power of sharing a drink with your customer ‘avatar’instead of looking at a breakdown of who you think he is, typed outon a computer screen?

Today’s guest, Martin Lindstrom, is – and has been – a thoughtleader in marketing since the beginning of the internet, and he’sproposing a transformation of what we do as entrepreneurs intoday’s world of big data.

Find out what LEGO did when they were failing that has made themthe largest toy company in the world

Learn he 1 question Martin asks first when sitting down with anew client

Understand when to use big data versus small data

Hear Martin’s thoughts on entrepreneurs who are out of touchwith their customers

After having spent time in 2,000 consumers’ home across 77countries in the past decade, Martin has a very unique perspectiveon marketing you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to learn thepower of small data, then you don’t want to miss this episode ofBusiness Reimagined.

Key Points:

 At 4:00 – Martin reveals the first question he asks hisclients in regard to their customers, and what he forces them todo.

 At 9:00 – Martin gets to the heart of why there is such adivide between companies and their customers, and reveals theshocking way that Lego turned their nosedive around by talking to a11 year old kid.

 At 13:00 – There’s one obvious problem with big data, andMartin explains what it is. He talks about how to get around theproblem by getting personal.

 At 23:00 – Martin talks about the importance of instinctwhen using small data and being a successful entrepreneur.

 At 28:00 – Having spent time in over 2,000 consumers’homes, Martin shares how you can do it on a scale that works foryou.